Age of Empires IV


A few early presentation concepts that I worked on when creating the theme of our game. The Gold ink is the theme representing our history’s impact on our human value of the world we live in today. The atmosphere I wanted to create was to give the players the experience of a contemporary art history museum where they can interact with objects and learn about history in a fun way. This idea of seeing the object almost like a work in progress or unfinished type of construction really fascinated me and how the imperfections bring more humanity to the work. Maintaining a monochromatic feel, keeping textures organic, and only using the gold to indicate important events to the players. Players could see their progression as their monuments and other rewards evolve as they advance through their playthrough in the game.



2021 The Game Awards – Best Sim/Strategy
2022 D.I.C.E Awards – Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year

The Globe

A quick exploration to see what the front-end UI globe could feel like as well as the meta map mode that we initially had planned. The gold ink spots are where players can interact with information about missions and information which will be reinforced by text and videos.

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