Hitman Sniper: The Shadows


We created the brand identity for the new mobile title from Square Enix Montreal. Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, would be their first game that would introduce the free-to-play model. The idea is to create a strong identity that reinforces the gameplay and fits within the Hitman Universe. The red dot which we use as a symbol to the scope of a sniper rifle. The grid lines symbolize strategy, planning, and blueprint references. This allowed us to create a strong identity that is recognizable even without the full logo showing, by creating a strong graphic design foundation that is minimal to the core gameplay design. The color choices were picked out to create the atmosphere of being in the night time hence the midnight dark blue and subtle red that we reference from night photography that is reflected from traffic lights, cars, etc. This became the method as to how we light our characters for key art and posters. We also established our Agent’s key poses with their personality displayed clearly in their key poses to create more compelling characters. We helped to shape our current motion design guidelines and help influence the in-game UI animation to the cinematic videos to keep the brand consistency.

We created brand logo/guidelines, character personality key poses,  key art posters, motion design, presentation UI design benchmarks, and social media tool kits to help with expanding exposure to the game.




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