Recall – Sun Yat-Sen Documentary


RECALL is a documentary project that I’ve been working on with LS TIMES TV to celebrate Sun Yat-Sen 150th anniversary. Sun Yat-Sen was the first president and founding father of the Republic of China. We followed deeply to uncover his tracks about why he came to Canada, the Qing emperor hired a secret detective that followed Sun revealing details of his every step in a diary format, and his relationship / betrayal with the Chinese Freemason that led to the overthrown of the Qing dynasty.

Reasons for doing this: We felt that a lot of the newer generation are not aware of the history of Sun Yat-Sen and his huge role that impacted China to become what it is today. There are numerous Sun Yat-Sen statues in Canada and in the world. There is also several Sun Yat-Sen Garden, but who is he? And why should we care? This was a learning process for the team to rediscover the history that is almost forgotten by many people.

This is still an on-going filming process as we are not funded by anyone, this is purely a labor of love for the story. I will update here for more information about release date, content, etc. Don’t worry there will be English subtitles for English speaking viewers! Stay posted.


Director: Jonathan Lai

Director of Photography: Jonathan Lai

Editor /  Compositor / 3D / Animation: Jonathan Lai

Co-Editor: Andy Lin

Writer: Andy Lin

Producer: Danny Wang


I used several projection mapping technique through the photos we took. The ending shot inside the room was actually a real room that we found during our location scout. It gave us that emotion of being forgotten, as Sun’s picture hanging inside a room filled with dusty old objects. It was very symbolic to us as that’s what drove us in to making the documentary.


I decided to remodel the room entirely in 3D as projection mapping every little details would be quite hard, especially the objects. We wanted to keep it as close to the original image as possible, but slightly tweaking it to fit what we wanted to capture. The reason to do this in 3D was being able to control the light on how we wanted it to, as well as moving the camera. As a non funded project, this is an ideal solution as this requires no cost. In a real environment you would need permits, hiring a crew to get a crane so the light can hit from outside the window on the 3rd floor, as well as climbing stairs to get a dolly track in place.



Cinema 4D + Octane really helped to bring the photos we took to life. This was my first project diving deeply into Octane render. We definitely love the result coming from it. The rest of the compositing magic are done inside After Effects and edit in Premiere.




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