The Void



This is a GUI concept that I had a pleasure working on as a personal project. Ever since I had worked on UI stuff for Homeworld, it got me pretty intrigued about the beauty of UI design.

The Void is a way to store and gather information while displaying basic visual information for the characters and audiences of the film. It had to follow a few rules: spherical, complex yet beautiful, layers, and alien-like.


I followed closely early on with thumbnail sketches and UI element ideas. Discovering shapes and composition early on allowed me to have a much easier time later on. All assets were created with Cinema 4D and Illustrator, C4D for the more complex shapes that I wanted to seek out, and illustrator for the UI design elements. Both programs turned my basic sketch ideas into very complex and beautiful visuals. I probably have rendered over 50 elements before I found the ones I wanted. It’s all part of the journey to experiment, that’s one thing I really got out of this. In the end, I gather all the renders that I need and touch them up inside Photoshop to create the final composition.

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