Hey, this is kinda like a semi blog or update…

Here are a few location scouting frames

I’ve been putting in some off-hours to work on my passion project that is taking some time to finish, with balancing my own time from my full-time job and my budget. It is going to be a short film that speaks about human conditions, more specifically about the importance of believing and growth as an individual. I’ve been wanting to do something that resonated with myself and how I can use my abilities to help people through ideas and storytelling. For a while now, I wanted to develop myself to tell stories that could evoke emotions and connect insightful meanings to People’s lives. Is been a great challenge to learn so much about the process of filmmaking and writing; the technical and fundamental aspect. I’m happy to be doing something completely different than what I normally do. Rediscovering my purpose as a creative and finding purity in my work. It is stretching and growing me. Hopefully, I can share more about it soon, Stay tuned!

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